What Makes E-Z Learning Unique?


There are several things that make E-Z Learning unique.

The E-Z Learning sequence of teaching the letters is based upon what is easiest for small hands to write. The sequence is directed by being able to write letters as you learn them.  In this way, children learn to write as they learn to read and spell, providing real multi-sensory integration.  The scope and sequence of most other products are driven by the conventions of the ABC's where ours is based on the motor development of the child.

Our materials are illustrated with appealing characters that are strong mnemonic devices to teach letter sound associations.

There is a large selection of powerful alphabet recognition and sequencing activities that distinguish E-Z Learning from most other programs that rely on worksheets. An emphasis on pre-writing activities that are appropriate for the needs of young children are integral to the program, while they develop correct grip and posture using a large motor approach to writing that is most beneficial.

The assessment tools are simple to use and provide precise information for the reading, spelling, and writing needs of the child. Assessment drives the scope and sequence of the learning activities.  All the materials are aligned to brain-based research findings that are appropriate for preoperational children. 

Parents learn to utilize daily activities and easily track the child’s progress in the multi-sensory learning sequence.  Parents learn through video tutorials and receive further instruction through an instructors’ guide without excessive educational jargon. Parents also have access to online email support free for one year. Our goal is to ensure your success!