What is E-Z Learning?


E-Z Reading is a reading and language skills program for children who do not yet read.  It provides both age appropriate methods and materials for children ages 4-8, as well as professional development for homeschool parents.  It breaks the process down into “E-Z” steps, so that the youngest non-reader can achieve success. 

E-Z Learning was developed for teaching young children at-risk for reading failure.  It works even faster for young children “wired” for reading success.  The E-Z Reading system teaches pre-k and kindergarten students the rules of language with colorful “key-word characters” and controlled vocabulary storybooks.  They are fun and motivational, relying on child-friendly, child-tested images and activities.  Handwriting instruction is used as a key component of learning to read.  E-Z Learning is based on Orton-Gillingham principles, but Orton-Gillingham early sequences are for 3rd graders, as are most of the commercial products available from major publishers.  There is a significant difference in the physical and developmental abilities of four-year-olds and nine-year-olds.  Most important of all, E-Z Learning works with young children!  It has been used with great success in a tutoring environment for many years.