Who Are We?


E-Z Learning creates educational materials designed for young children.  We author, illustrate and test multi-sensory materials for teaching phonemic awareness, handwriting, decoding, encoding, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and assessment for young children (ages 4-8). 

The developers of E-Z Learning, Jan McCain, M.A., LD/BD, Thom McCain, PhD,  and Janet Fleming, B.S. Special Education are teachers. 

Jan’s career is the story of E-Z Learning. Her professional quest has been to help young children with learning problems learn to read, spell, and write. Ten years in the Kindergarten classroom, ten years at a special school for children with learning differences (Marburn Academy), and nine years in a bustling private practice where she has helped hundreds of children and their families. The processes and materials of her life’s work are embodied in E-Z Learning products.

Thom retired from The Ohio State University after 30 years on the faculty and as the Director of the Center for Advanced Study in Telecommunications (CAST); he is Professor Emeritus of Communication.

Janet is a special educator and homeschool mother of five. Jan came to the rescue of Janet's oldest child, a struggling reader. In the process, she took Janet under her wing and taught her how to unlock reading, spelling and handwriting for children. She directed Janet to excellent training in Orton-Gillingham. Janet has been involved with the project for eight years.