Who Needs E-Z Learning?


• Pre-school aged children

• Kindergarten aged children

• Children through age eight with reading difficulties

For most children, their brains are wired for reading success.  When provided with books and things to read, intuitive readers develop vocabulary and a way to comprehend what is on the page.  These children seem to learn to read almost by osmosis. 

For 40 percent of children or more, learning to encode and decode the sounds of language and apply it to written text is a more daunting task (National Reading Panel, 1998).  They never “grow into reading.”  Explicit, systematic, multi-sensory methods are necessary before they can read and spell words and sentences in a fluent manner.

We believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 

Since students are not typically identified with reading or spelling problems until the third grade, why not start with an approach that will meet the needs of all readers? Odds are, your child will learn easily so this program will simply help them learn to read, spell and write quickly--- in a hands-on, fun way. Giving him or her a strong foundation in reading, spelling and handwriting. If a child happens to have reading, spelling, or handwriting difficulties then this program will give them a successful start which is vital in the life of a child. E-Z Learning is an economical, enjoyable “multi-vitamin” or “insurance policy” for your child’s education.